Caravan/Motorhome Struts


Gas struts are used in many ways on caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers and RV’s. At Struts-R-Us we stock a wide range of gas struts to suit all caravan, motorhome, camper trailer and RV strut applications. We stock the small struts for caravan front boots, the big struts for fold out camper trailers and everything in between.

The most popular caravan struts we do is caravan pop top struts. Often gas struts are used instead of the scissor lifts because they’re easier to operate. If you want to keep using scissor lifts but have gas struts as well, we can custom fit gas struts to your pop top caravan.

As anyone with a caravan, motorhome or RV knows, every bit of space counts and the more places storage can go the better. Lucky for you gas struts make it possible to have storage under the bed. If your bed doesn’t have gas struts on it already give us a call to organise custom fitting bed struts. Remember, if you’ve added or taken away bedding your caravan bed struts will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Upper cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom of caravans, motorhomes and RV’s also utilise the lifting power of gas struts. Gas struts offer a long lasting, family friendly solution for over-head cupboards that may otherwise catch someone’s fingers or hit them on the head.

Caravan front boots, rear boots and storage compartments are held open using gas struts too. The struts used for these applications are very important as they’re used more than you think. You don’t realise how often you open your front boot until you have to do it without the help of gas struts. If your front boot, rear boot or storage compartment struts aren’t working properly, give us a call to get them fixed asap.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your camping destination to find that your caravan struts aren’t working. Make sure you thoroughly check all your gas struts before leaving for a trip and give your Gold Coast gas struts specialists a call if you need them fixed.


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