Chair Struts Gold Coast


Have you ever been sitting on an office chair and it slowly starts to go down? That’s because the chair strut needs replacing.

Chair struts help some chairs to go up and down as well as tilt backwards and forwards. It’s disappointing when your favourite chair stops working properly but there’s no need to throw it away and buy a new one. If your chair is still in good condition all you need to do is get a new chair strut. Replacing the strut is a quick process that will cost you a fraction of the price of a new chair.

If you bring your chair into our workshop, we install chair struts while you wait. Our mobile service can also come to your home, office or workplace and install your chair struts for a call out fee.

We can do:
Hairdressing chair struts
Barber chair struts
Gas lift chair struts
Office chair struts
Desk chair struts
Swivel chair struts
Boat chair struts
Dentist chair struts
Lounge chair struts

So before throwing your favourite chair away contact us about the possibility of replacing the chair strut. We are your trusted Gold Coast gas struts specialist with the knowledge, expertise and experience to get your chair working right in no time.


Probably the best service I’ve ever had anywhere, fantastic price and unbelievably helpful staff member. I’m telling everyone how good these guys are.

James Madden