Fabrication Hardware


A lot of people may not know what the term “fabrication hardware” means. To put it simply, fabrication hardware is any product used on something that is being manufactured. We have supplied hardware for everything from boats and storage boxes to truck body hardware.

The fabrication hardware we stock includes:

- Locks
- Hinges
- Handles
- Durometer

- Vents
- Tie Downs
- Cargo Track
- Foam Tape

- Catches
- Drawer Slides
- Pinchweld

The uses for fabrication hardware are endless. Locks and catches are commonly used on toolboxes, caravans and service vehicles. Hinges are seen on cabinets, boxes, truck doors and anything that needs to swing up and down or side to side. Cargo track and tie downs are used in ute trays and on trucks that transport cargo. Drawer slides are used on drawers (obviously) as well as pull out fridges and underbody storage compartments. Pinchweld and foam tape can be used on anything with a sharp metal edge that needs to be covered from flower boxes to canopy doors. Vents are used anywhere that needs airflow such as generator storage and animal transportation vehicles.

The fabrication hardware we have can also be used to replace damaged hardware. So give us a call or send us an email to discuss your fabrication hardware needs.


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