Frequently Asked Questions


How do I measure a strut?

Please see our document how to measure a gas strut for step by step instructions.

How do I take a strut off?

It depends on the end fittings on the gas strut.
If the end fitting has a metal band around the back of it, slip a flat blade screwdriver under it and lever it off.
If the end fitting has a wire clip that wraps around the neck of the end fitting, lever the wire clip out from around the neck with a small screwdriver to release it, then slide the clip out.

How do I put a strut back on?

If it has an end fitting with a metal band around the back of it, simply push it onto the ball and it will lock into place.
If the strut has an end fitting with a wire clip, leave the clip off the end fitting and place the strut onto the ball stud. Once the strut is fitted to its ball, slide the clip through both holes on the end fitting cup from the bottom, and wrap the clip around the socket. Make sure it locks into place around the neck of the end fitting.

How do I weigh a lid or window?

Open the lid or window to 90 degrees. Place one end of a stick or broom handle in the very centre of the lid and the other end on a pair of scales. If you’re weighing a window, put a plank of wood or something similar across the window so you can still weigh it in the very centre. DO NOT PUT A STICK OR BROOM HANDLE ON YOUR WINDOW GLASS.

Why can’t I push the strut in with my hands?

Your gas strut has been set to compress under a certain weight. Gas struts require certain pushing forces to compensate for the weight and leverage of what its being fitted to. Typically, anything above 150N (suitable for Fibreglass Canopy) begins to “feel” exceedingly hard. 99% of time, it is not seized.

How do I guess the pressure?

You can’t guess the pressure and there isn’t an average pressure either. Depending on the size of strut, it can have between 50N and 2100N so you will need to contact us and talk to one of our technicians to help determine the pressure your strut needs.

Why are the struts on my caravan bed not working properly after changing the bedding?

Gas struts are set to a certain pressure depending on the weight of each application. This means if you either remove bedding (take away weight) or put on bedding (add weight) your struts may need to be adjusted to suit the new weight of your bed. However, there is no need to panic, you can either bring your caravan in or we can send our mobile guy to you to adjust the pressure of your struts and have them working properly in no time.

How do I adjust a strut?

You can’t. Gas struts are a high pressure, sealed unit that is potentially lethal if tampered with. Please bring your gas strut into your gas strut specialists on the Gold Coast (a.k.a us) so we can adjust the pressure for you using our specialised equipment.

Do the struts have gas in them when they’re on the shelf?

No, all our gas struts come to us with little to no pressure in them and we pressurise each one to suit the application they will be used for.

What’s the standard pressure to put in a strut?

There isn’t one. Gas struts can be set to a wide range of pressures and each application is different.
A 6mm shaft gas strut can have between 50N – 400N.
An 8mm shaft gas strut can have between 50N – 700N.
A 10mm shaft gas strut can have between 50N – 1200N.
A 14mm shaft gas strut can have between 50N – 2200N.

How do I compress a strut?

Typically you cannot. Struts should be fitted to and removed from their application fully open, with the strut in its full extended position. Certain designs (commonly Pop Top caravans) require a strut to be fitted compressed, in which case we have specialised equipment and training to do this safely.


If you have any questions we haven’t answered here please contact us via email or give us a call to talk to one of our friendly staff.


I had a DIY desk project and needed some struts for the drop down lid. After searching around I found these guys and was blown away. To be honest, I thought when I got home they wouldn't work, as I'd been getting use to lower standards of service and products generally. But, NO, the struts were brilliant! The simple handwritten instructions and set out were spot on. A total awesome experience. They looked at my DIY plans and the pictures I took, did some measurements and then did a "set out" on their factory floor, then did some calculations and then MADE my struts to suit. I was amazed at how quick and fuss free they did it all. So awesome to see good Aussie tradesmen doing their thing, efficiently and friendly. I highly recommend them!

Surfer Dad