Machinery & Industrial Struts


Gas struts are the unsung hero when it comes to machinery and industrial applications. Gas struts are used on everything from earthmoving machinery to food processing equipment. We stock a large range of gas struts to suit almost all industrial applications. What we don’t stock we can custom make to match a supplied sample.

Gas struts are commonly seen on earthmoving equipment such as bobcats and excavators where they are used on hatches, handbrakes and engine lift-up bays. They allow for safe operation and access to otherwise high-risk areas. Food processing is another popular gas strut application. Gas struts assist in the function of food mixers, conveyor belts and meat machinery. They allow for ease of movement and safe operation of heavy or large lids as well as safety hatches, covers and grates. A wide array of applications in farming also feature gas struts, from tractor hatches to feeding troughs and horse floats.

Other industrial gas strut applications include shirt printing machine struts, garbage chute struts, industrial mitre saw struts, forklift bonnet struts and crane engine bay struts.

Gas struts are a valuable investment for your industrial equipment and machinery as they reduce wear and tear by taking the weight of the load. Gas struts work in a smooth, easy to operate motion which reduces or eliminates friction between components. To further reduce wear and tear, struts can be used with an actuator. Actuators operate electronically using a manual switch to trigger opening and closing.

If you need good quality industrial or machinery struts give your Gold Coast gas struts specialists a call.


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