New gas struts


Over time the rubber seals inside gas struts deteriorates causing the gas inside to leak out. If the seals inside your struts have deteriorated too much you will need to buy new gas struts. We hold a wide range of new gas struts in store suitable for all applications. Our mobile van is also stocked with the most common strut sizes to assist you on the go. We stock both standard steel gas struts and 316 marine grade stainless steel gas struts as well as a range of new gas strut end fittings and brackets. All our new gas struts come with 3 years warranty for your peace of mind.

Check out our shop to see our full range of new gas struts and gas strut end fittings and brackets.

If your gas strut is starting to lose a bit of its force but is still in good condition it may be able to be regassed. Regassing a strut is cheaper than buying new gas struts but doesn’t come with any warranty or guarantee like the new gas struts do. If you want to learn more about regassing your existing strut, click here.


What fantastic service provided this morning to replace struts in my motorhome. The guys are simply the best. Went to so much trouble to ensure they installed the right struts and then took time to show me how best to use them. Fast worker and such a reasonable charge. AND THEN one of them helped me back out. Service above and beyond doesn’t get any better. Thank you guys for a job well done. Very very happy with what you have done.

Peggy Towne