Regas Existing struts


All gas struts slowly lose gas over time. If you notice your gas struts aren’t working as they used to, give us a call. It might be as simple as regassing your existing gas struts. If the seal inside the gas strut isn’t deteriorated and the gas strut is still in good condition it can be a more cost-effective solution to regas struts, saving you from having to buy new gas struts.

However, gas struts have a life span of between 8-10 years so if your gas strut is close to that age, we recommend you don’t regas struts but purchase new ones instead. Please do not attempt to regas or adjust the pressure of your gas strut by yourself. We have special equipment and training to regas struts safely.

Contact us today for advice deciding between whether to go new versus to regas struts.

Please note: We do not offer any warranty or guarantee for the lifespan of a regassed strut. Struts-R-Us does not take responsibility for a regassed strut not lasting the desired amount of time.


Excellent service no booking necessary for replacement struts quick and efficient.

Dick Kai