Gas Struts For Windows


If you have a window that needs gas struts, we’re the experts to call. We have lots of experience working with both Aluminium and wooden windows with either standard black or 316 stainless steel struts and brackets. Window struts are a category of custom gas struts that are becoming increasingly popular in homes and the hospitality industry. Window struts allow large, otherwise awkward windows to open and close seamlessly with minimal effort from the operator. The finished product also looks cleaner in comparison to using pulley systems or propping the window up. If you have safety concerns, we can also fit your window struts with locking kits that will lock them into position once the window is open and they’ve been extended.


Information required to figure out window struts


For us to figure out what gas struts you require for your windows we need certain information. The exactness of the information provided to us is of utmost importance to give you the correct window struts with the right mounting positions. We need the dimensions of the window (length and height), the window thickness, opening angle, weight, material and which side the window is hinged on.

The easiest way to give us the information we need to calculate your window struts is to download our custom fitting form and email it to us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of your friendly staff will help you out.


Top service, knowledgeable willing to help sort out what is correct for your application.